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English translation for "分化"

[ fēnhuà ] 
1.(变为不同物; 分裂) split up; become divided; break up 短语和例子
2.[生物学] differentiation; 分化变异 [微生物学] dissociation; 分化变质 katamorphism; 分化期 idiophase; 分化染色 [动物学] differential stain; 分化素 differone; 分化滞缓 hysterotely; 分化转移 transdifferentiation; 分化子 differone; 分化作用 [植物学] differentiation

Related Translations:
分化度:  degree of differentiation分化split up; become divided; br ...度surmise; estimate
异型分化:  allotypic differentiation异型abnormal shape; heteromorpho ...分化split up; become divided; br ...
社会分化:  social differentiation社会society分化split up; become divided; br ...
分化还原:  dedifferentiation分化split up; become divided; br ...还原return to the original condi ...
生理分化:  physiological differentiation生理physiology分化split up; become divided; br ...
分化诱导:  induction分化split up; become divided; br ...诱导guide; lead; induce; guidanc ...
未分化:  indifferentiationundifferentiation未did not; have not分化split up; become divided; br ...
脱分化:  dedifferentiationdysdifferentiation脱cast; shed; drop; fall off分化split up; become divided; br ...
分化系数:  coefficient of differentiation分化split up; become divided; br ...系数coefficient; ratio; modulus; ...
细分化:  market segmentationsegmenting细thin; slender分化split up; become divided; br ...
Example Sentences:
1.These capillars are highly specialized .
2.Three nuclei differentiate into the antipodal cells .
3.The inner layer of the cortex differentiates into the endodermis .
4.N is not the smallest possible value for a legal partition .
5.Substances differentiated tissues secrete are called chalone .
6.Production of serum albumin is another trait typical .
7.Skin cells just in front of them differentiate to form lenses .
8.Hepatoma cells are differentiated tumor cells derived from liver .
9.The alveolar macrophage is derived largely from the bone marrow .
10.Do n't think this gang is monolithic -- it can be split up .
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