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English translation for "内部董事"

inside director

Related Translations:
内部:  interior; inside; inward; in ...  detail>>
董事:  director; trustee  detail>>
执行董事马大伟:  david marshall  detail>>
内部传播:  internal communications  detail>>
内部通道:  inner passage  detail>>
内部劳动力:  internal labor force  detail>>
内部因素:  interior factors; internal factor  detail>>
内部冷却:  internal cooling  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.This illustrates that with relatively weak supervision and constraining mechanism for managers , internal directors reduce financial risks brought by moral hazard and adverse selection , and that the stewardship theory can better explain insider control by internal directors
2.The problems involved in how to complemented the one party mode of interior management and the market dominating mode of exterior management . the second unit puts forward the functions of independent director . it analyses the concept , the independent features and the functions of
3.From the view of comparing independent directors with interior ones and supervisors , this article analyzes the main duties of independent director : providing related suggestions , inspecting and supervising management groups , controlling self - dealing , approving the action of engaging in a similar line of business in competition with corporation " business by the directors or officers and checking derivative litigation , etc . ( 3 ) foundation and perfection of independent director system in china
4.When constructing the internal corporate governance legal system , it is pivotal to improve the general meeting system , the board of directors system and the supervisor board system , so as to resolve the mechanism of balance between the general meeting and the board of directors , between the holding shareholders and common shareholders , between the independent director and the executed director within the board of directors , between the board of directors and the supervisor board , and in order to intensify the liabilities and duties of the directors and the protection of shareholder ' s rights . when constructing the external corporate governance legal system , china should establish the company ' s social responsibility system . meanwhile , china should learn from the advance experiences of foreign countries , enhance the openness and transparency and the listed company s information to establish strict information disclosure system
5.A study of the relationship between internal director and financial risks based on the stewardship theory indicates that the level of financial risks is negatively correlated with the share of internal directors , and that a company whose chairman holds a concurrent position of general manager incurs low financial risks
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