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English translation for "内部因素"

interior factors
internal factor内部interior; inside; inward; in ...因素factor; element

Related Translations:
内部:  interior; inside; inward; indoor; depth; viscera; bowel; internal 短语和例子内部联系 internal relations; 国家内部事务 the domestic affairs of a country; 人民内部矛盾 contradictions among the people; 事物的内部规律性 i
内部装置:  interior fitting-outinternal fittinginternals内部interior; inside; inward; in ...装置installation; device; appara ...
内部版本:  internal release内部interior; inside; inward; in ...版本edition
内部转移:  internal transition内部interior; inside; inward; in ...转移shift; transfer; divert
内部晶格:  internal crystal framework内部interior; inside; inward; in ...晶格crystal lattice; lattice; sp ...
内部制衡:  internal balancing内部interior; inside; inward; in ...
内部增长率:  internal growth rate内部interior; inside; inward; in ...增长率rate of rise; growth rate; r ...
内部侦探:  rubber heel内部interior; inside; inward; in ...侦探do detective work detective; ...
内部过程:  built in procedurebuilt-in procedureinline procedurein-stream procedureinternal procedure内部interior; inside; inward; in ...过程process; procedure; transver ...
内部威胁:  inside threatinsider threat内部interior; inside; inward; in ...威胁threaten; menace; imperil
Example Sentences:
1.Second one is the actively stably interior factors
2.Part iv . analysis of the internal factors
3.An analysis of cis and the internal factors affecting its development
4.Dynamic analyses of the internal factors of green supply chain management
5.High - tech enterprises growth is limited by insider and outsider factors
6.Study on the internal factors of modern university system and its reformation
7.The internal restrictions on the p . e . quality of universities and colleges in china
8.Stress is laid on the internal factors and external environment
9.Deflation and the fiscal deficit are internal issues that need to be resolved
10.The reason of hinders both have the internal factor , and the exterior factor
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