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English translation for "内部劳动力"

internal labor force内部interior; inside; inward; in ...劳动力labour force; work force; la ...

Related Translations:
劳动力与总人口之比:  labour population ratio劳动力labour force; work force; la ...与take part in; participate in比2
内部:  interior; inside; inward; indoor; depth; viscera; bowel; internal 短语和例子内部联系 internal relations; 国家内部事务 the domestic affairs of a country; 人民内部矛盾 contradictions among the people; 事物的内部规律性 i
内部装置:  interior fitting-outinternal fittinginternals内部interior; inside; inward; in ...装置installation; device; appara ...
内部版本:  internal release内部interior; inside; inward; in ...版本edition
内部转移:  internal transition内部interior; inside; inward; in ...转移shift; transfer; divert
内部晶格:  internal crystal framework内部interior; inside; inward; in ...晶格crystal lattice; lattice; sp ...
内部制衡:  internal balancing内部interior; inside; inward; in ...
内部增长率:  internal growth rate内部interior; inside; inward; in ...增长率rate of rise; growth rate; r ...
内部侦探:  rubber heel内部interior; inside; inward; in ...侦探do detective work detective; ...
内部过程:  built in procedurebuilt-in procedureinline procedurein-stream procedureinternal procedure内部interior; inside; inward; in ...过程process; procedure; transver ...
Example Sentences:
1.The economic rationality and contractual features of internal labor market
2.Firm internal labor market theory and its reference to the reform of state - owned enterprises
3.The theory of internal labor market is one of the advances in west economics in recent 20 years
4.Based on resource - based theory , i think collective entrepreneurship may be considered as businesses idiosyncratic resources , which is regarded as a source of sustainable competitive advantage
第三,在对实现集体创新的两个基础( ’ t持续热情”的工作方式、内部劳动力市场)的特点的分析上,我认为它可作为小企业形成持续竞争优势的一个源泉。
5.It is estimated that the differentiation will keep on developing in a larger scale in the middle period of this century , with agricultural labor force moving about internally and extraward , and gradually forming a non - agriculture stratum
6.The search for the meaning of collective entrepreneurship ends with a proposed definition . four foundations , based on which collective entrepreneurship can be realized , are elaborated : individual leader , " running hot " , internal labor market , and mutual adjustment
第二,阐述了实现集体创新的四大基础:领导者的关键作用、 “持续热情”的工作方式、内部劳动力市场、员工的相互调整和相互适应。
7.Internal labor market comes into being because of such factors as : ( 1 ) information is asymmetric , ( 2 ) labor contracts are imperfect , ( 3 ) some knowledge in firm is tacit , and ( 4 ) human capital is characterized by specialization . internal labor market can efficiently overcome the shortcoming of external labor market
内部劳动力市场形成是由于外部劳动力市场存在以下不足: ( 1 )外部劳动力市场上雇佣双方的信息不对称性, ( 2 )劳动合同的不完备性, ( 3 )企业知识的默会性,以及( 4 )人力资本的专用性。
8.With the development of the economy , the function of internal labor market will be taken into account . to set up internal labor market is an approach to exert the value of human capital . this article presents the ways to promote human capital operation by strengthening the construction of internal labor market
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