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English translation for "内部传播"

internal communications

Related Translations:
内部:  interior; inside; inward; in ...  detail>>
传播:  disseminate; propagate; spre ...  detail>>
传播性持久化:  transitive persistence  detail>>
内部通道:  inner passage  detail>>
内部劳动力:  internal labor force  detail>>
内部因素:  interior factors; internal factor  detail>>
内部冷却:  internal cooling  detail>>
内部董事:  inside director  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.Analysis about the construrtion of the inner spreading ways of private enterprise culture
2.The definition of generalized training is the course of knowledge spreading inside the enterprises
3.The diffusion of curriculum culture may be divided into two types , namely internal diffusion and external diffusion
4.Based on the stress measurement model using the critically refracted longitudinal ( lcr ) wave , this paper discussed the key techniques of measuring the stress in accessories , which includes the generation , receiving and afterwards management of lcr wave . an experimental stress measurement system based on time was also designed and constructed in this project , by measuring the travel time of lcr wave in the medium , the stress state of testing object can be well evaluated
本文基于临界折射纵波( criticallyrefractedlongitudinal , lcr )应力测量模型,研究采用lcr波测量零件中切向应力的关键技术,包括lcr波的产生、接收和后续处理,设计并制作了基于传播声时的应力检测实验系统,通过测量lcr波在材料内部传播声时的改变,评估被测物体中的应力情况。
5.Some new conclusions have been reached through the research : as a main information channel , an important social support and social pressure source and a decision - making reference system , the rpg is an essential elementary of agricultural technology communication ; the rpg members have gradational opinion status and different communication resources and effects ; opinion leader is the core of the rpg ' s inner communication as well as the information medium and the final checkup guard man between the group and outer environment ; rural secondary group ( rsg ) ' s influences on prg are realized by opinion leader
6.It serves not only as one of the main channels for transferring and communicating information within an organization , a carrier of the organization ' s culture , one of the most effective tools for shaping an enterprise " s culture image as well as an effective way to make externally - oriented publicity , establish its image and brand
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