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English translation for "先攻"

play firstearlier; before; first; in a ...attack; assault; take the of ...

Related Translations:
攻削结合:  combination of arrack and chopcombination of attack and chop攻attack; assault; take the of ...削pare; whittle; cut结合combine; unite; integrate; l ...
先到先做:  fcfs先earlier; before; first; in a ...到39做make; manufacture; produce
全先:  massaki全complete先earlier; before; first; in a ...
先猜:  toss先earlier; before; first; in a ...猜guess; conjecture; speculate
先马:  sama先earlier; before; first; in a ...
先电离:  preionization先earlier; before; first; in a ...电离ionize; ionization
先师:  teacher [master] of the older generation先earlier; before; first; in a ...师teacher; master
先崎:  matsuzakisakizakisenzaki先earlier; before; first; in a ...
先写:  mr. liu yajun先earlier; before; first; in a ...写write
先发言权:  preaudience先earlier; before; first; in a ...发言权right to speak; say
Example Sentences:
1.Ok , fine , you got us , let ' s roll initative
2.Ferocious fighter : the raider gains a + 2 bonus to initiative
凶猛斗士:掠袭者的先攻骰可以得到+ 2加值。
3.Before this ! i must defeated shina
4.Before this ! i must defeated shina
5.Whenever a creature comes into play under your control , it gets + 2 / + 0 and gains haste until end of turn
当一个生物在你的操控下进场时,他获得+ 2 / + 0以及先攻至到回合结束。
6.And i decided to use watercolor as my illustrating medium . since then i have been doing watercolor most of my recent years
7.Talon - modular ( first strike . when this creature is put into a graveyard , you may choose target artifact creature gains talon - modular ability
8.There will be a cycle of slivers that give off - color abilities ( green gives haste , black gives first strike , red gives sac : draw a card )
会有一个牌组的给予错色能力的裂片妖(绿色的给敏捷,黑色的给先攻,红色的给“牺牲:抓一张牌” ) 。
9.Regardless of initiative order , a defender may always attempt to put up a defense mode as a free action if he or she has sufficient power points to pay for it and is not flatfooted
Similar Words:
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