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English translation for "企划案"

business case
project planning
proposalstand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...delimit; differentiatetable; desk

Related Translations:
企石:  qishi企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...石dan,a unit of dry measure fo ...
企再造:  reengineering企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...再造give sb. a new lease on life
泉企:  quan qi企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...
比企:  hekihiki比2企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...
企岭:  kei ling企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...
企领:  cowl neckmock neck企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...领neck
企不分:  without a clear line between the functions of the government and enterprises the企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...不a block of wood分component
企划管:  planning and management division企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...划delimit; differentiate管pipe; tube
企太空梭:  space shuttle enterprise企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...太空the firmament; outer space梭shuttle
波德企:  humboldt penguin波wave德virtue; morals; moral charac ...企stand on tiptoe anxiously ex ...
Example Sentences:
1.This project has to be finished next week
2.I ' ll be quarterbacking every meeting and every project
3.I know the proposal is urgent . but i ' m kind of busy right now
4.Don ' t worry . we still have a week to finish the project
5.Thank you again for your proposal
6.Tom ? considering the other projects we have , we can ' t do it in six weeks
7.Lisa : she hates me ! i ' m scared they ' re not going to let me help with this project
8.Tom : isn ' t your supervisor the one who comes up with these proposals ? and you just present them
9.Tom : nicole , now that you ' ve had a baby , we ' re going to remove you from all the big projects
10.The $ 2 . 5 million us dollars " eastern africa bamboo project " focuses on three pilot villages
耗资2百50万美元的"东非洲竹子企划案" ,主要集中在三个试验的村庄中。
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