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English translation for "义就"


Related Translations:
:  justice; righteousness  detail>>
:  come near; move towards  detail>>
麴义:  qu yi  detail>>
Example Sentences:
1.The life time is not how long but how well we live
2.Therefore , you should overload the equality operator any time equality is meaningful
因此,只要相等有意义就应该重载相等运算符( = = ) 。
3.For if a law had been given which was able to give life , righteousness would have indeed been of law
4.[ bbe ] now a go - between is not a go - between of one ; but god is one
5.For if a law had been given that could impart life , then righteousness would certainly have come by the law
6.If only you had paid attention to my commands , your peace would have been like a river , your righteousness like the waves of the sea
7.0211 if they world had no substance , then whether a proposition had sense would depend on whether another proposition was true
8.Money is much more difficult to define , howeever , because the valus of anything is ultimately in the mind of the observer , and such values will change with time and circumstance
9.[ kjv ] then shall thy light break forth as the morning , and thine health shall spring forth speedily : and thy righteousness shall go before thee ; the glory of the lord shall be thy rereward
10.The birth and founding of buddhism is buddha ' s teachings after he comprehended the truth about the universe and life , as early as it was born and founded , the meanings of buddhism were already well rounded , its thoughts already established , its theories completed , and its rights or wrongs decided , so the history of buddhism is neither a record of buddha ' s growth , nor a chronicle of the evolution of sakyamuni ' s thought , let alone any part of the development of the thought and theory of a religion
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